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Hyungsik-Jihyun should just go out for real it's obvious that he fall hard for her, and she likes him he's seriously the sweetest guy, he's a keeper Jun.

Reply Thread Expand Link. Hyungshik and Jihyun are so cute together, they put a smile on my face with every move they make.

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I think they should definitely date irl Hyejeong and Jun. I'm still confused by the scene that Jei and Mir are bickering over, too. I think she is over Jun.

K but I can't be sure. Mir is such a random choice.

Romantic and (Not So) Idol Ends, Season 2 Begins! – seoulbeats

I really like Jun. K and Hyejeong together despite the fact that Jun. K seems to baby Hyejeong at times. And why the heck did Seungah choose Mir? K is just motherly toward everyone I don't get why she chose Mir, it's just about as confusing as the first time Hyejeong choose Mir But Seungah only went on dates with two boys excluding Hyungshik on the triple date because he's off the table and Mir was actually pretty entertaining with her.

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He was crazy but he didn't talk about his fated Jihyun or ex girlfriends the whole time Reply Parent Thread Link. Well if she had to make a choice and had only Jb or Mir, the decision was easy. Her and Mir have no feelings, and were already friends before the show, so she chose the lesser evil i guess.

Romantic and (Not So) Idol Ends, Season 2 Begins!

K Daegu player is so bold! Seungha seems to be in a good mood. Technological rush, dating apps are designed to get just about anyone looks at sheet.

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